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In a saturated field, abundant with unprofessional workmanship, it’s important that a person knows what to look for before they start a project. Here are some consumer tips to ensure that your next experience with a contractor is smooth, efficient, and returns the results that you are looking for.

  • Don’t choose any name and number, do your research. Get an address and check out their business in depth. Do they have a portfolio? Make sure that it’s their work being portrayed is in fact their work. Furthermore, go see some of their previous work in person. At Duce Construction Corporation we will even take people to past clients’ homes so they can see and touch our work.
  • Treat Home With RespectIf they come to provide a quote, they should treat your home with respect. If a crew walks into your house for the first time take note of their disposition. Were they courteous enough to ask whether or not to take off their shoes or work boots? Remember, you’re bringing strangers into your home and this is a telltale sign of professionalism.
  • Look for an itemized bid. Homeowners need to realize they pay for expertise and peace of mind. But, they should also know exactly what’s going into a bid. That way there’s a clear understanding of a presented price and how it was determined. Duce itemizes each individual piece of a bid to enforce clarity in our work. We provide the cost of the supervisor, the materials, the cost to install those materials, and liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Duce even factors in the fee for the worker who does punch-list items such as installing hardware, touch-ups and cleanup.
  • Look for a payment plan that makes sense. If a contractor asks you for 100% of the bill up front, run quickly! Generally speaking if advanced money is needed, you would pay around 10% retainer and up to 30% for materials that are needed right away. They should be up front with their needs and you should feel comfortable with any payment schedule agreed upon.

At Duce we always encourage our clients to take their time when going through the process of choosing a contractor. If you remember to do your research, find a team that is respectful of your home, provides a clear itemized bid, and includes a payment plan that makes sense – then you will often be in a good place when it comes to having a successful project.

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