As independently quoted in the Franklin Report, sources say the firm turns around a “bid that is by far the most detailed they have seen“.

The high level of competence of our full time, fully computerized estimating department means that your budgeting and pricing needs are fully served. Our professional estimating team provides material, labor and equipment lists for each trade broken out by CSI codes. Each plan is carefully reviewed for the completeness and accuracy of their estimates. A specialty of this department lies in its capacity to include “value engineering“ options and prices in its estimates, at the request of the architect, designer or owner. With unfinished drawings, the estimating department can produce conceptual estimates/budgets, while completely engineered drawings are used for firm proposals.

Our clients receive an easy to read proposal that contains a total amount for each area of construction. Those area totals are further itemized into all of their component costs. It’s our way of ensuring that you can make informed choices without experiencing any hidden surprises. Clients and architects often compliment us on the level of detail of our internally prepared documents and express their appreciation for how easy the proposals are to present because of this quality.