Environmentally Responsible Design

Video: Building Wellness

This progressive approach to building has evolved from the understanding that current construction methods and materials stress our health, deplete natural resources, and harm our environment. For the last 15 years, engineers, architects, and builders have discovered and implemented ways to limit the environmentally destructive effects of the demolition and construction of buildings by focusing on a healthier, more long-term approach.

Better Energy Choices

Recently, we have begun to recognize that traditional energy resources such as oil and natural gas are not just diminishing in supply, but also are harming the environment. Understandably, this has hastened the interest in alternative energy technologies. Duce Construction is on the cutting edge of real-world applications of these technologies with our installation of geo-thermal, wind, solar electric, and hot water systems in greater New York City.


Green building encompasses a wide range of products, design, and construction techniques that apply to residential and commercial building projects. Each project has its own challenges and obstacles to being environmentally conscious or sustainable. It may not be possible for every project to be 100% sustainable, but Duce Construction’s Green Team has been offering practical solutions for all of our projects.


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