Why fight against nature with expensive toxic materials and fuel sources when with the right approach you can work with natural forces to achieve durable, comfortable building that will not stress your health? By contrasting conventional building with green building you can see some important reasons why it is advantageous to consider green building for your home or development.

A typical conventional builder’s response to green building is, “I’ve been building houses the same way for 35 years and they’re still standing. Why should I change now?” Meanwhile green builders are continuously trying to improve the way houses are built. They keep up with the latest technologies, study ways to be more energy efficient and look for ways to reduce the amount of materials needed to build a house. For example, if the conventional builder were to construct your home, he would probably use pink fiberglass insulation between the studs. Heat would escape in all the places the fiberglass doesn’t fit exactly. As a green builder we now spray foam or cellulose insulation, which fills in every crack and space forming an airtight barrier this prevents your heat from escaping and cooled air from getting in.

A conventional builder will situate a house on the top of the hill, completely indifferent to compass directions. The north winds would keep the house cold all winter, while the sun would be through the windows all summer. A green builder, after analyzing the site’s place in the environment, would dig into the side of the hill and face the house south. The firm would design an overhang to shade the windows in the summer when the sun is high, and design the home so that the sunshine will warm the house for free in the winter. They would use the earth to shield the house from cold north wind. These are only two examples of the green building concept of utilizing natural forces to make your home as energy efficient as possible and take the smallest possible bite out of your wallet.