Now you can benefit from the use of environmentally responsible construction materials that do not challenge your health. Duce Construction incorporates a wide range of materials to keep your indoor air quality clean and chemical free. Many conventional construction material, such as carpet, paint, composite wood, glue, and caulk release toxins into our indoor air. In large cities like New York, many people are chemically sensitive, or have children or pets that have become allergic to certain chemicals often due to overexposure in their indoor environments.

The manufacturing processes of many conventional construction materials are destructive to our outdoor environment poisoning habitats and natural ecosystems. As our society uses up more and more natural resources, it is imperative that the construction industry adapt to a more ecologically sustainable approach. Duce Construction is excited to participate in this transformation.

The great news is that as more homeowners and developers begin using green building products and methods these innovations become the standards in the construction industry. When selecting the material, we evaluate how green it is by examining to what extent the product has the following characteristics:

• used, recycled, or salvaged
• locally sourced
• exceptionally durable or has low maintenance requirements
• certified wood
• rapidly renewable
• a natural or chemical free cleaner

We also evaluate whether the product for the following characteristics:
• reduces or eliminates pesticide treatments
• saves or conserves energy or water
• does not release significant air contaminants into the building
• blocks the introduction of indoor air contaminants
• removes indoor air contaminants
• helps control noise