Our Team


Rory McCreesh

President and Founder

Rory started Duce in 1989. Many of his projects are highlighted in top architectural and home magazines such as The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Classic Home, Interior Design, Metropolitan Home, House & Garden, Bathroom Trends and Elle Décor. When he’s not building Rory can be found donating his time to charities such as Kips Bay Children’s Charity and The New York Irish Center or working out of his home office. Rory enjoys riding his bike and on occasion rides his bike to work. His favorite TV shows are How It’s Made, Build It Bigger, Extreme Engineering and Impossible engineering.


Bernardo Bueno


Bernardo enjoys watching sports on TV. On the weekends, he can be found spending time with his family and attending church on Sundays. Something no one knows about Bernardo is that he is an excellent cook!


Eduardo Carrillo

Journeyman/Laborer, driver

Eddie’s hobbies include running and outdoor nature gazing. Most weekends Eddie can be found outdoors with his family, swimming or walking, What’s your favorite TV show? Any shows on National Geographic or Discovery Channel What is something that no one knows about you? I’ve been trying to lose weight for a very long time since a very, very long time ago


Andres Castro

Senior Estimator

Andres brings excellent communication skills which facilitate his excellent rapport with clients, subs and architects. Even though Andres is an avid outdoorsman and sportsman, these days, he can be found doting over his new born son with his wife on the weekends.


Gina Chedid

PMM Receptionist

Gina’s best work quality is that she loves working and collaborating with others. On the weekends she can be found spending time with her friends and family, painting the town red, shopping or cuddling with her sweet pup, Lucy.

What’s your favorite TV show? Breaking Bad… and (not so) shamefully, Greys Anatomy.

What is something that no one knows about you? I actually CAN lick my elbow.


Kim Coolbeth

Managing Director

Kim’s best work related quality is that he enjoys what he does. His hobbies include fishing, gardening, playing with his dogs.

On the weekends, Kim can be found spending time with his family and being outdoors.

What’s your favorite TV show? Game of Thrones

What is something that no one knows about you? I really like being alone


Vejai Dabydeen


Vejai is our senior bean counter, when he is not counting beans, he handles the finances for Duce.

His patience and attention to detail combined with his over 18 years of accounting experience makes him a perfect fit for Duce. On the weekends you might find him hanging out with his girls (wife + 2 daughters), or taking care of things around the house. When the kids give him a chance, he likes to watch the nature channel or catch up on current events.


Luis Daga


Luis’s organization skills and tidiness bring lots of order to our very busy environment. On weekends, Luis can be found spending time with his family, attending church on Sundays or playing soccer. He enjoys watching sports and gospel shows.


Nazeela Danraj

Project Accountant

Nazella prides herself as a Team Player. Her hobbies include dancing, running in the park, watching movies with family and friends and playing games with her daughter. Nazeela can often be found cleaning, cooking or reviewing school work with her daughter, Venita. Hobbies include exercising on the Wii or playing dress up with Venita. Nazeela also likes to run in the park while Venita rides her bike and spend time with family or friends.

What’s your favorite TV show? Dancing with the Stars; national geographic

What is something that no one knows about you? This might be hard to believe but I don’t like window shopping or hanging out at the mall . I only shop when I have to. The first time I went with my husband to the mall I went to the store got what I wanted and was out in about 30 minutes. When I told him that I am done he was shocked. He said that I am the first female that he met who does not want to spend hours browsing through the mall.


Arpita Desai

Project Manager

Arpita’s best work related quality is her persistence and pragmatism. “This helps me in my role as a project manager to accomplish more and deliver well within my timelines.”

Arpita’s hobbies include photography, traveling and reading.

What can you be found doing on the weekend? – usually on weekends I explore the city or its outskirts depending on the season and catch up with friends. Arpita’s favorite TV show is Friends.

Something that no one knows about me is that I stay in close contact with my family and friends and I am an good cook :)


Gene Gartlan

Division Manager, Duce PMM

Gene thrives off of team collaboration and meeting challenging goals together. His hobbies include skiing and hiking. Gene loves being a father and can be found driving his children from one practice to the next on the weekends.

What’s your favorite TV show? I pretty much watch all my shows on Netflix… recently I really enjoyed “Happy Valley”. One think no one knows about Gene is that he was in the Marching Band in high school (“yes I know, hold the laughs!”)


AJ Jadhav

Project Manager

AJ has a passion for design and architecture. He also has a great ability to multi-task in an incredibly organized manner. These skills allow him to strive for perfection and keep him on target for all project deadlines. On the weekends, AJ can be found lazing on a beach or working out or playing tennis. Something that no one knows about AJ is that he never reveals secrets.


Swanand Jayade

Assistant Project Manager

Swandand excels at communicating with subs/vendors and processing paperwork on a timely basis. His hobbies include watching movies, playing PC games and reading books/newspapers. One the weekends, Swandand can be found travelling to different places or watching cricket matches. Favorite TV show: The Kapil Sharma show (Indian comedy show). Something a few people know about Swandand is that he likes to read a lot about things related to politics, business, sports, entertainment etc.


Janet McCreesh

Office Manager

Janet can often be found “working from home” or training and organizing in the office. Her passions include neighborhood preservation and cooking for the family. On the weekends you can find her at a soccer field or baseball game watching her kids.


Phil O’Donnell

Site Supervisor

Phil has a passion for building and constructing. He brings this passion to work every day and uses it build remarkable residences and relationships with our clients and architects. On the weekends Phil can found enjoying his wife and children or playing soccer and golf.


Scott Rado

Project Manager

Scott’s best work related quality is honesty and knowledge.  His hobbies include fishing and boating.

He can be found spending time with his family and working on the weekends.

What’s your favorite TV show? Wicked Tuna, How Its Made


Jimmy Rafferty

Field Manager

Jimmy’s best work related quality is his keen eye for detail. His hobbies include landscape gardening.

On the weekend I enjoy spending time at the swimming pool or golf lessons with my daughter

My Favorite TV show is Antiques Road Show.


Chris Stoeckman

Senior Project Manager

Chris’ creativity make him a wonderful asset to our project manager department. His hobbies include fishing, boating, woodworking and mechanics. On the weekends he can be found working on vehicles on or on the ocean. His favorite TV show is How It’s Made.


Stephen Tracey

Site Supervisor

When he’s not working, Stephen enjoys traveling, visiting friends and creating abstract and oil paintings. He is also a musician. Being so creative allows Stephen to run his jobs meticulously and pay attention to the minor details that make a big difference in our excellent quality.


Ian Walsh


Ian’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning makes him a great asset to our estimating department. Hobbies include rugby, golf and listening to music. His favorite TV show is The Wire. When no one is watching, Ian can be found ballroom dancing!