This may come as a shock to you but home insurance policies don’t cover wear & tear. It is assumed that you the homeowner is already doing the preventative maintenance.

An example of this, if you have a problem and they come out to investigate and find the problem was caused by clogged drains, leaking facades and/or foundations – they will not pay it. Another common example fires caused by clogged dryer vents.

A few insurance facts:

According to, water damage is the number 2 most common household insurance claim. “Poor maintenance or lack of continual care for your home’s plumbing can lead to instant damage that can be quite expensive to repair.”

Insurers expect homeowners to care for their homes and repair minor problems. This includes sealing cracks, minimizing water damage, fixing damaged pipes, scheduling regular inspections and more.

Most insurance companies exclude mold damage from their policies. Unlike a fire or tornado, insurers see mold damage as a problem that grows over time, and homeowners are expected to take preventative measures to prevent mold spores from spreading throughout the home.

Most homeowner’s policies will not cover a pipe bursting. Over time your foundation can settle and crack causing several possible problems from water in your home/basement to major stability issues for your home.