Autumn in the Central Park & NYC.

Pumpkin lattes, beautiful color changing foliage, brisk clean smelling air and comfortable sweaters. Fall certainly brings a lot of great things to look forward to. As a homeowner, Fall brings a transition to colder weather, high winds, rain, leaves and other changes that can leave you in a rut. Don’t get caught off guard, use these 5 expert tips from Duce Construction to make sure the season is free of unnecessary damage, wasted time and costs.

  1. Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Faucets – Most homes have one or more outdoor water faucets. If you have a hose make sure to disconnect it, turn the faucet to “off” and drain it. Water trapped inside can freeze as we approach colder temperatures and can lead to very serious damage.

  2. Winterize Air Conditioning Systems – Firstly remove any debris in the area. Once removed make sure to clean the unit off adequately. Cover the unit, and any exposed pipe, with a waterproof cover. Make sure the cover is fastened and will not blow away in inclement weather.

  3. Inspect Weather Stripping Around Doors and Windows – By sealing gaps in your doors and windows not only will you save money on heating but you’ll also provide a flush surface to protect from water damage. Water can lead to a degradation of the area, resulting in further air and water leakage and more serious related issues.

  4. Test Operation of Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors – There’s nothing more important than your family’s safety. Every season make sure all detecting equipment is working properly and has new batteries if necessary. Here is a great video on how to test your CO detector. 

  5. Change Filters on Heating and Cooling Systems; service HVAC unit – Keeping ductwork clean is essential in preventing mold. It’s crucial that you keep a consistent schedule with filter replacement to ensure a healthy and clean environment.

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