Duce’s Constructions Energy Services Division serves the evolving marketplace for renewable energy technologies. Climate change and energy security issues have become increasingly important in our everyday life. As a result, we are at the beginning of a major long-term trend toward clean energy technology development. Duce serves the New York City metro region as a one-stop shop for information, technical consulting, product supply, and contracting services in this growing and dynamic field.

Our vision includes the widespread deployment of renewable energy technologies on buildings in the greater New York area and beyond to:

• lessen dependence on fossil fuels
• keep more dollars here in the local economy
• clean up our local environment at the same time

For optimal success the intelligent use of energy must coincide with the implementation of energy efficient design and use of the most energy efficient products on the market. For more information browse these links to learn more about renewable energy resources and how use of them in construction can help you benefit from them.

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